Future Proof Solutions

We build modern, data-driven applications utilizing the worlds first autonomous database. A fully automated database service With machine-learning–driven automated tuning, scaling, and patching. Autonomous Database delivers the highest in the three critical areas of performance, availability, and security.

Think RAD

Low Code, Rapid Application, Custom Development utilizing the award winning OCI deployed APEX development platform. A must consideration when evaluating buy/build opportunities. Unleash this power to build applications from mission critical to intra-departmental level internal applications. All are equally and fully supported within OCI.

A Modern Sensible Platform.

A Subscription based model, with no per seat license. Accordingly there is no license limit on schemas, applications or users internal or external. Budget better, assign cost to the appropriate department or cost center. Popup, or seasonal applications can be realized and more easily justified, because costs are known and fixed.

Custom Applications by LACampanelli LLC.

Our mission is to design, create, and deploy world class enterprise and departmental applications built utilizing the award winning OCI deployed APEX application development platform on Oracle's® autonomous database.

Security First

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a next-generation infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering architected on security-first design principles. These principles include isolated network virtualization and pristine physical host deployment, which were previously difficult to achieve with earlier public cloud designs. With these design principles, OCI helps to reduce risk from advanced persistent threats


The world's first autonomous data management in the cloud to deliver automated patching, upgrades, and tuning—including performing all routine database maintenance tasks while the system is running - without human intervention. This permits concentration on problem solving through custom application design, build, and deploy.

Buy Vs. Build

Low code development connected to a superior network and autonomous platform, slants the build/buy equation to BUILD!. No need to settle or compromise in order to fit with an off the rack application. Get EXACTLY what you want. Oracle® APEX is the world's most popular enterprise low-code application platform that enables you to build scalable secure enterprise apps, with world-class features. These apps can be deployed anywhere - cloud or on-premises.

LACampanelli LLC.

We have the experience. Building mission critical applications as well as departmental applications for large and small firms alike. We utilize and leveage the world class Oracle public network, our concentration is application design, build out, and deployment.
We are flexible and will assist from a consulting standpoint, lead or become part of your team as augmented staff.

Network Services

Our core competency is application design, build, and deploy. However additional network services are often required to fully realize a valuable solution. In order to make this seamless and distinct from your existing IT, we support and provide a specific set of Network processes.

OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)

  • Setup Configuration Consulting and Assistance
  • OCI Navigation Assistance
  • Administration Assistance
  • Temporary Staff Augmentation

Custom Development

  • Application Analysis and Design
  • Responsive Web/Mobil Applications.
  • OCI APEX application development.

Infrastructure Services OCI

OCI Email Delivery



DNS Services

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a distributed internet system that maps human-readable names (like www.lacampanelli.com) to IP addresses and serves as the first link in the customers’ digital supply chain. Oracle’s globally distributed DNS service offers enhanced DNS performance, resiliency, and scalability, so that end users connect to customers’ application as quickly as possible, from wherever they are. DNS has been the subject of infiltration and attack making it a very important link in your digital supply chain. Often it gets less attention that it deserves. LACampanelli LLC. can help in the establishing DNS service within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • DNS Responsiveness Customers leverage industry-leading DNS query response times (less than 30 milliseconds) to optimize their application and digital asset performance. Propagate new or modified DNS records globally in under a minute..
  • Supported records Oracle supports 27 common DNS resource record types, including A, AAAA, CNAME, DNSKEY, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, and TXT.
  • Authoritative DNS Customers manage DNS updates and domain names via Oracle’s standards-based Authoritative DNS service, which provides low-latency global DNS resolution for web-based properties and automatic translation of domain names into IP addresses.
  • Secondary DNS Setting up a secondary DNS as a redundant complement to the customer’s primary DNS service ensures critical applications remain available and that end users can reach applications faster.
  • DDoS protection DDoS protection is an always-on detection and mitigation platform for common DDoS volumetric attacks. The service protects against common layer 3 and 4 attacks like SYN floods, UDP floods, ICMP floods, and NTP Amplification attacks. DDoS Protection is included with all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) accounts and no configuration or monitoring is required. Monitoring is provided around the clock for malicious activity and delivered at no extra cost.
  • Global anycast network Anycast addressing optimizes DNS performance, enabling consistent user experiences across the globe. Within an anycast network, DNS requests are answered by the point of presence (PoP) closest to the user making the request—ensuring the fastest possible DNS performance. Release 1.0.3

Adaptive Event Simulation Software

Adaptive and Interactive Software to Support Training and Simulated Events.

  • Upload your contentSupports all image types, video, audio, and audio with an image
  • Create Quiz and Question forms. You Create your own question and answer forms. True/False Multiple Choice questions and more.
  • Track testing resuts. Each participant activity is recorded for analysis through a complete reporting module.
  • Script the FlowYou script how the event will take place and which senerios occur and when.
Event Attendee Panel

Training Plus Assesment

Create training modules. Serialize the injections to create course work. Built in messaging and comment response to support group dialog. Quiz and evaluate progress.away